Crate Pallets Gloucester

The importance of quality storage is vital when it comes to a myriad of industries, especially those working in the hospitality sector, or in a business that stores considerable amounts of produce or stock.

This is where Arvid Pallets come in – supplying you with the best quality crate pallets in Gloucester – at a competitive price. Working to kit out businesses – both local and otherwise – with reliable wooden crate pallets for all guises of industry, the company has a stringent production process to ensure the most durable creations.

Due to the nature of pallets, we strive to keep prices competitive in the Gloucester area, with a wide range of sizes to choose from to suit every budget. One of our most popular areas of logistics and storage, the crate pallets from Arvid are created from the highest calibre of materials.

We select only the best timber for our pallets, subjecting every piece to rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand the demands of storage, without breaking under the pressure. The density of the wood is hand-picked to allow for maximum shock-absorption, without the threat of snapping.

Whilst we offer an array of pre-set standard sizes when it comes to our pallets, you can also work on a bespoke order with us, allowing you to cater to your chosen storage solution. Most pallets we sell are in one of four main sizes, ranging from the smallest – 800 x 1200 – to the largest at 1200 x 1200.

So whether you’re storing a few bits here and there, or completely revamping your warehouse, there’s plenty of scope to get the correct products for your needs with Arvid today.

Simply contact us with your requirements and our friendly advisors will work to match you up with the correct product in the correct sizing – without the extensive costs found with other companies!