Reconditioned Pallets Gloucester

Wooden pallets might not be the most glamorous item in your business inventory. However, their function to daily tasks in warehouses and manufacturing areas cannot be ignored. They are an important asset, which is why your company needs to know it has high-quality products in place. On the other hand, most businesses would rather not spend a huge amount of capital on them. Reconditioned pallets from Arvid are an ideal alternative.

Our friendly team has supplied reconditioned pallets to businesses in Gloucester and beyond for many years. Will yours be the next to take advantage of this option? It might be one of the smarted commercial decisions you make all year.

Why Reconditioned Pallets?

In a word: cost. All businesses have a need to cut the fat from their operations. Given that pallets are products of function rather than aesthetic, they are the perfect place to make a saving. After all, customers rarely see this part of the operation, so boasting sparkling brand new items isn’t necessary.

Nevertheless, pallets are used to transport valuable goods, which is why they must perform in a reliable fashion. As such, opting for cheap items from untrustworthy sellers isn’t the answer. With reconditioned pallets from Arvid, you are buying flat transport items that have been restored to their former glory.

After buying used items from other businesses, we put those pallets through testing and refurb processes. By the time they reach you, they’ll be as good as new in terms of function. Furthermore, heat treated products are readily available too. However, taking this option can reduce thee expense by around one-third, making it a very cost-effective option.

Why Arvid?

First and foremost, Arvid is a name you can trust. After all, we supply businesses across the county with pallets in various conditions and styles. Given that we provide transport and packaging services too, our understanding of your needs is second to none.

We also provide one of the largest ranges of reconditioned pallets Gloucester has to offer. Regardless of sizes, quantities, and styles, we can almost certainly find the best answer to your problems. Better still, it’s possible to arrange next delivery for when you’re in a rush too.

As with the new pallets we manufacture, our reconditioned items are treated in an ethical manner too. When added to our great customer service and commitment to serving your business needs, it’s no wonder so many Gloucester businesses buy from us.

What Next?

Whether you know exactly what’s required or need help deciding, the best thing to do is call us today. Our helpful experts are happy to discuss sizes, quantities, and load capabilities. Ultimately, the final decision lies with you, but we’ll do all we can to point you in the right direction. If needed.

Alternatively, come visit us in Ross Road, Longhope. That way, you can look at our reconditioned pallets in the flesh. We’re sure that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the quality and even happier with the price.