Heat Treated Pallets Gloucester

As pioneers in the timber industry, we specialise in packaging and heat-treated pallets in the Gloucester area. The materials that we source here at Arvid Pallets are only of the best quality, and treated to ensure an optimised lifespan.

Consistently aligning with industry standards, our pallets respect every guideline and regulation, making them the safest option for your needs. The wood utilised in our pallet production is professionally treated to rid it of any pesky microorganisms.

Marked with certification, you know that you are getting the highest quality products from a company who truly cares about their manufacturing. With only the finest wood chosen for our pallets, we ensure that they are efficient at absorbing shocks without breaking or snapping.

Harbouring strong nail-retention capabilities, the pallets will be a reliable addition to your collection, allowing you to perform your logistic and storage tasks without having to worry about your hardware.

Every pallet is put through rigorous testing before it is sent out for use, to eradicate any manufacturing faults or issues with materials. With regards to sizing, Arvid Pallets supply a wide range, which can be custom-built as per your requirements.

Operating in the Gloucester area, we are a local business and pride ourselves on providing a helpful, friendly and result-gleaning service for people in the area. For those based outside of Gloucester, we can work on a per-job basis to supply to your business or domestic needs.

Contact us today to see how we can work together to set you up with a new collection of top quality wooden heat treated pallets today – we know that you won’t find a company who offers the same calibre of both service and product – simply drop us a line or use our contact form to leave a descriptive outline of your requirements of Arvid Pallets.